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If you are like many of us who are wondering if our hearing is becoming a lot less than it used to be, a place I would trust to test my hearing and fit me with hearing aids is the AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS.   I trust them because we have investigated their business practices, and the way they treat their patients.  As I result, I am proud to declare AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS as GEPHARDT approved.

“…it’s about a lifetime relationship…”

One thing seems certain, if you first do business with AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS, you will always be doing business with them.  “We call it a patient journey,” says marketing manager Hansen Phangia.  “We’re not just about selling hearing aids.  It’s about a lifetime relationship of follow ups involving cleaning, adjusting, and reprogramming hearing aids.”

“Patient satisfaction starts right at the top,” says 29 year board certified hearing instrument specialist Steve Neilson.  Steve has been with Audibel in Salt Lake City for 12 years.  “It’s the company culture.  It’s all about an emphasis on patient satisfaction right from the owner of the manufacturing firm.  Things do go wrong from time to time.  But the main thing for us is to confront the problem from a consumer’s point of view.  Understanding and not arguing is important in problem resolution.”

And here’s the thing:  AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS have been GEPHARDT APPROVED now for more than 2 years.  In that time, I have not received so much as one complaint.  “No patient of ours will ever be unhappy or disappointed, period,” says Hansen.

That lifetime relationship might start after a patient receives their first set of hearing aids.  “A patient’s hearing will continue to change,” Hansen told me.  “Adjustments are needed.   Follow ups can include annual otoscopic evaluations, looking in the ear of a patient to see if there are problems that might need a referral to a physician.  We offer the lifetime follow ups without any additional charge to patients.  Sure, we offer all our patients full money-back guarantee if they return their hearing aids for any reasonbut we even want those patients to come back.  It’s all about establishing a lifetime relationship.  It’s about making sure the patient is first, and never considers themselves a bother to the office staff.”

Hansen says hearing loss is often confused with dementia, where, because a person can’t hear, they can’t communicate and can’t interact with others like they used to.   “Speaking for our four long time specialists, our joys come from watching patients when they can hear again.  It changes people’s lives.  It’s very emotional when you take a patient from isolation to being able to communicate with their children and grandchildren again.  It’s as if they regain life.”

One of those people AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS helped is former Brigham Young University head football coach LaVell Edwards.  Hansen says Coach Edwards heard about AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS, was tested and fitted for hearing aids, and Coach Edwards is now the company’s commercial spokesman.

While AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS has 11 locations in Utah, Hansen says anyone who does business with any of the Utah offices can have their hearing aids serviced, cleaned, adjusted, reprogrammed, or get new batteries at any of its’ 350 locations across the United States.   AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS is also known as Audibel Network under the corporate name Northland Hearing Centers.   But whatever the name, Hansen says, any patient from any one office is recognized at any of the other offices.

Steven adds, “We get a lot of support from the manufacturer in resolving issues.  The whole emphasis is on patient satisfaction.”

Finally, Hansen tells me he’s proud of AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS’ involvement with the Starkey Hearing Foundation (  “For every hearing aid purchased, we donate 2 to those in need,” Hansen says.  That means that the foundation has distributed more than one million hearing aids around the world so far, he adds.

So, AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS:  Now you know the philosophy of the company.  Now you know that our continuing investigation into this company yields zero complaints.  And, now you know why I endorse AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS, and why I am proud to declare AUDIBEL HEARING CENTERS  GEPHARDT APPROVED.

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I really am happy with my new hearing aids . Yes it was an investment but in my line of work hearing is a must . I do recommend this location as David and Tawna are a professional team. I do know that lack of hearing is associated with dementia,...

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Came in with muffled hearing in one ear, which I was dealing with for months. Dr. Ruark was able to quickly get me in (to my schedule) for an ear exam and found a huge amount of earwax buildup. He was able to get rid of the wax and clear...

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Recently I recognized I had a hearing problem as I couldn't understand conversations in crowded rooms. My doctor suggested I could go to Audibel in West Jordan for a free test as it was close to my home. After my hearing test I was shocked to find out how much...

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David and Towna were absolutely incredible, just move from AZ and David took his time to help me with new hearing test and settings following the replacement of my hearing aids. I would highly recommend them and will use them from now on.

Scott Robertson, on Google

David and Tonna made me feel at home there and David really took time to evaluate my hearing and wanted the best for me. David gave me the best hearing aids that my insurance and I could pay. I'm excited to hear clearly now and no more frustration trying to...

Barbara Walton, on Google

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