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This place is awesome! David Ruark knows everything about hearing aids and explains it so well. Whenever I've had a question he has been able to answer it. At first, I would research his answers on-line but after my research kept on proving him right I just accepted his answers as correct.. The Customer Support he provides is second to none. Even while I served a church mission in New York he was still willing and able to guidance for getting a problem solved. If you are in need of hearing aids I highly recommend Audibel Hearing Center in West Jordan, UT.
Tom Borrowman, on Google
I'm a Music Composer and had a hearing loss playing in bands with no ear protection.Dave helped me with my hearing Loss and even had a Music App on my hearing aids.That makes up for my hearing loss .I applaud Dave for his great Act.
Donald Suite Music, on Google
David hands down has been of the best hearing doctors i have even been to. he took the time to know exactly what i needed and wanted out of my appointment. i would highly recommend him to anyone i know. i have never had a problem with my hearing aids due to David being my doctor. Hows the saying go "its not your hearing aids its the doctor setting them up that makes the difference" Well the saying is true. Outstanding job David thank you again!
Saysha Kutz, on Google
Dave has been fantastic in helping my mother with her hearing aids. She bought a pair through him years ago and never had a problem. When she got a second pair she had to get them from another place and has a lot of problems with getting them adjusted. Now that she is back here Dave has been great at getting her aids adjusted properly since the company with the same name associated with her aids claims not to be a part of the company she purchased from. If she ever has to get another pair it will definitely be through Audible.
Lesle Wilkinson, on Google
Bruce Houston not Sherry , I have been going to David for quite some time now. He is efficient and thorough When I have had a problem Tawna has always been able to work me in so that I am not going long periods without my hearing aids. David has also been seeing my mother who is 102 and treats her with kindness. She always said he was so kind and thoughtful. Would highly recommend him to anyone,
Sherry Houston, on Google

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