Recently I recognized I had a hearing problem as I couldn't understand conversations in crowded rooms. My doctor suggested I could go to Audibel in West Jordan for a free test as it was close to my home. After my hearing test I was shocked to find out how much of a hearing loss I actually had! After trying out some hearing aids I was pleasantly surprised at the result. David explained in detail all the functions and I decided it would be a good investment for my future happiness. I went home with some loaners and was able to pick up my own 2 days later. At home I found out that there was actually a small ding at the completion of my dishwasher cycle I hadn't heard before. The service plan David provides is exceptional No high pressure but lots of valuable information. I'm very pleased with my purchase.
Janice Ashby, on Google
I have been working out of town a lot. Also taking emergency calls. The office was very understanding when I couldn’t make my appointments. Every professional business. They really know what they’re doing. I love my new hearing aids. Thank you for all your help and support.
I was grateful to find Audible Hearing Center, after I was told by the hearing company I was with, that they would be raising their costs for an office visit from $50, to $150; and then there would be additional charges, for any service I was rendered while there. I was having a problem with one of my hearing aids, (which was still under warranty), and called the manufacture, to see if they had a hearing center in my area that serviced their hearing aids. They gave me 3 businesses that were close to my home, and I selected Audible, as they were not only close, but sold the brand of hearing aids I have. I knew if they sold them, that they would know how to service them also. I was having a problem, with one of my hearing aids, sounding like water was falling constantly. David tested it, and said that it would need to go back to the company for repairs. It was fixed quickly and returned promptly by the company. They were incredible! Tawna was so welcoming and personable as she greeted me as I walked through the door. David was very knowledgeable and went over a few things that needed to be changed, to make sure my hearing aids would now help me hear better, and stay in my ears, and I wouldn’t need to keep pushing them back in my ears, as they were falling out. I’ve had my hearing aids 2 1/2 years, and as I was getting ready to leave Tawna said, “Do you know this? Do you know this ect.,” so I learned a number of things that I should have been informed of when I first received my hearing aids. I am grateful for the love, caring and knowledge that I received today. I am looking forward to being “well cared for on my future visits with David and Tawna.”
Kathleen Riley, on Google
My husband and I have had major hearing problems that has created issues in our relationship and with family and friends! We saw David Ruark at Audibel Hearing Center in West Jordan, Utah and was pleasantly surprised to meet David and assistant, Tawna! They are both so kind and knowledgeable! They provided the best set hearing aids possible that have totally changed our lives! They are professional and have been extremely helpful to make certain that our aids are working properly for each of our individual needs! Thank you for all of your help!
Jennifer Robinson, on Google
For about eight years I have been using hearing my first set of hearing aids from Audibel. I found them to be the best for the service they gave me as well as the care provided ty the staff at the West Jordan store. I was in the process of going to the airport to catch a flight when one of the aids failed. I ran into the store and ask for fast service it fix the problem. With the age of the units I had there the only answer was to replace them . In only ten minutes was back in action with some great units. I am pleased to have them and they have worked to be outstanding. I would recommend them over the seven other brands I have owned and even more I would recommend Dave and team as the best yet.
William Hansen, on Google

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