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David has been my audiologist for five years. During this time I have found him to be great to work with - available, super helpful, caring, and affordable. I highly recommend David to anyone looking to improve their hearing.
Thomas Whitaker, on Google
I have been seeing Dave for over 5 years and I can safely say I would recommend him and the West Jordan Center to anyone. His customer service is the best and he is always on time for your appointment. I recently took by 91 year old father to Dave to be fitted with hearing aids. My Dad was very skeptical that he would be able to use them because he has friends who have hearing aids and they never wear them. Dave convinced him that he wouldn't stop until my Dad was fully satisfied and correctly using the devices. My dad love hearing again. Lastly, Tawna is very efficient and always smiling and happy. Give these guys a try! David Berger
David Berger, on Google
The hearing in my right ear had been dimming gradually until one day it shut down almost completely. It was very disorienting. I couldn't respond to life as I always had. I didn't know if it was actual hearing loss or just wax. Enter David Ruark of Audibel Hearing Centers in West Jordan, who offers a free cleaning and a free check to begin. (How could you not do it in that order?) He discovered I had a deep and hardened wax impaction sitting on both eardrums. He said it was rare to see such a rigid impaction that deep, perhaps 1 in 100 (brought on by over-use of cotton tips, no doubt). He proceeded to irrigate both ears with warm peroxide water using a tool with a unique cross-flow. He would then use another tool to blow dry air into the canal to get the stubborn mass to move a little. A couple of times he judiciously used a tool to gently scrape and lift. It was fascinating to watch this on a screen. It took about 5 rounds of this until finally, the stubborn hardened wax washed out. Dave said a typical cleaning takes about 4 minutes. This took 20. Only then did the actual hearing test begin. And it turned out normal! His final verdict was "you do not need hearing aids. It was just wax." Such a relief. I'm glad he didn't give up on me, carried through and delivered good news. Thanks David!
Dahna Chaitanya, on Google
Went to Audible Hearing for the first set of hearing aids, you are greeted by Tawna, who was so nice and very helpful. Allan and David set me up with my hearing aids and had them there in one day. Could not have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend them for anyone needing any help with hearing issues...
Candy Dangerfield, on Google
I have been with David for 6 years and have changed my hearing aids from behind the ears to hearing aids that go in the ear. This has made a big difference in my hearing. The behind the ear hearing aids worked fine until I started working outside and got hot and started sweating and the hearing aids would shut off because of moisture. The hearing aids that I am using now do not shut down while I am working and sweating. David and his staff are helpful and friendly and I never have to wait for my appointments. David is very knowledgeable and helpful with my concerns.
CJ Lawrence, on Google

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