Have received great service and good customer friendly people. They have taken great care to see I can properly use my hearing aids and fix issues when I have them. I would encourage anyone looking for a place. It's them
Janet Moore, on Google
They make me feel like family whenever I go there. They are knowledgeable and efficient, but friendly and kind. A good combination!
Bob and Alice Reis, on Google
Very well run with excellent expertise. There products are the latest technology and the after purchase customer care is outstanding.
Richard Carver, on Google
David and Tanya have been very helpful. They went way out of their way to make a situation better for me.
Flo Christensen, on Google
I have gone here twice. Each time I was there, David and Tawna treated with respect and curtesy. Even though my hearing aids are from the VA, David was willing to do what he could. The last time I was there, I called because I had a hearing aid that was hurting my ear. I didn't want to wait the week or two it would take to get in there. I was told I could come right in. When I got there, David, worked with me on making the aid fit better. It's much easier to wear now. No more pain. Thanks, for the service, and the respect. Ric
Ric Wailes, on Google

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