I have always had excellent service from David and Tawna. They are always on time. Always friendly and sociable. Their instructions are clear and easy to follow. They are so willing to take care of problems. Thanks for all the good care! Lee Jenson
Linda Jenson, on Google
I have been going to Dave Ruark for 12 years . The best thing as far as m y wife and me are concerned is the great follow up service..We go in on a regular basis to have our aids checked and just make sure all is ok. Great people to work with. If you need this kind of help you will never find better.
Keith Fullmer, on Google
I have been seeing David at Audible Hearing Center for twelve years. I have had a rewarding experience with the care that David has provided.. David is professional and very knowledgeable and caring. He will go out of his way to help you and make sure you receive superior care. David also took care of my mothers hearing problems for twenty years. I would highly recommend David for any assistance with your hearing problems. He is excellent.
wanda ostrander, on Google
David and Tanya have been very helpful. They went way out of their way to make a situation better for me.
Flo Christensen, on Google
I love my Audibel hearing aids that David provided me with. I’ve been with David and Tawna now for over 9 years and extremely pleased with the service and product they provide me. He has upgraded my hearing aids as new technology improves. I would recommend their office to anyone who suffers from hearing loss. They are efficient, competent, courteous and treat me like family when I see them. Any time I have had an issue, mainly my fault, they are there to take care of it. Many problems are handled over the phone. I’m happy to provide a very positive review for them. Robert C. Andersen
Robert Andersen, on Google

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